My name is Doug Timbrell and I am a psychotherapist. My clinic, Can Change Therapy, is now located in Bolton Point, Newcastle.

My background in mental health started when work in Corrective Services with people experiencing mental illness plus addiction, dual diagnosed offenders at Corrective Services. This was an awaking, most of these people were actually victims. Victims of abuse, both physically and mentally, they turned to alcohol, drugs or other excesses and to hide/mask the traumas they experienced, often supporting their addiction with crime. Almost half of the prison entrants (49%) reported having been told by a health professional that they have a mental health disorder, mental health problems were more common among female (62%) than male entrants (47%).


Also have experience working in the mental health disability sector (ADHC), those with very severe mental health issues and with Family and Community Services (FaCS) children at risk, these children are under the guardianship of Minister of Family & Community Affairs.

I have seen some of the worst in humanity but witnessed the very best of kindness and compassion by mental health workers who thrive to provide care to those less fortunate.

I hold diplomas and advance diplomas in Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), Psychotherapy, Clinical Hypnotherapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), these are government accredited and both nationally and internationally recognised qualifications. I believe this combination of therapies deliver both successful and expedient solutions for client’s mental wellbeing and changes of behaviors they seek

My experience and the extensive range of clientele has taught me two important communication skills, I am a good listener and non-judgmental.

During the initial free consultation, we will discuss the issues you wish to address. From this discussion a formulated treatment plan that will include one or more of the therapies mentioned above.