What clients say about me

I was referred to Doug by my local GP suffering from depression and anxiety. Doug was a fantastic help when I was in desperate need. He used a calming but very effective technique and taught me some helpful coping skills. Thank you for helping me get my life back on track. I highly recommend Doug’s services.

O’ K

Prior to seeing Doug I had several issues I faced in terms of focusing, depression and anxiety caused from a traumatic incident at work. After 3 sessions I had a major improvement in concentration, decrease in depression and anxiety within 1 month. I strongly recommend Doug Timbrell’s hypnosis to anyone who wishes to make positive changes to their lives. I have lived with depression and anxiety for the past 6 years and feel that Doug's hypnosis therapy has been a key part in me changing my life.

Lindsay E

I have struggled with anxiety, depression and Post Traumatic stress since leaving my employment 9 years ago. I have received extensive treatment by Psychologists and Psychiatrists. I started seeing Doug Timbrell about 4 months ago to have Hypnotherapy to see if that may assist me being able to have a better quality of life.
As a result I find that I'm generally calmer, more motivated and generally feel better about life in general. Doug is a good listener and the Hypnotherapy sessions have also assisted my quest to lose weight and be a better person physically and mentally!

Allen M

Hey Doug, just thought we let you know that B (daughter) passed her university exams in law and accountancy with high distinctions. She is very happy, thank you for giving her the confidence to pursue her studies. Much appreciated.


I can't change your past. However, I can help you be happier now and also look forward to a happier future". I had just commenced my first appointment with Doug and I remember the above words he spoke. After nearly thirty years of consulting with dozens of health care professionals, I have finally found an effective solution to my mental wellbeing issues. Doug has guided me to recovery, my confidence, determination, and positive thinking have all increased. I started to make meaningful and positive changes to my life addressing homelessness, mental and physical health, exploring my creativity, all for the better. I now think and behave differently. My overall health has improved, I have a lovely home, rewarding work and have lost 16 kilos. Life is really happier and my future looks bright and positive

Lee R

I was scared, no job, very depressed and emotional. After my 2nd session I started to change, so calm and relaxed even my family noticed. After the fourth session my mood and behaviors had changed. Doug’s therapy has made me a happier and more positive woman able to cope with life


Doug has changed my life around! When I first went to see him I was coming out of a difficult situation (family) and I felt as if I was losing control and was reacting to all of this by comfort eating which wasn’t making me feel any better. Doug listened and showed me techniques I could use every day to make me feel better


I was a heavy smoker, spending more money on smokes than I could afford. After seeing Doug for 3 vists I have not touched smokes now for over 4 months. Feel so much better, able to do more with the kids now as well as having more money to spend on the things I want, thanks Dough